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Digitization to the Rescue

Are you crazy busy? Before reaching out for that sixth cup of coffee to recharge your batteries and declaring that you are ‘crazy busy’, pause for a moment and ask yourself, are you really CRAZY busy? An ER doctor, Darria Long, vehemently contends that associating… Read More »Digitization to the Rescue

WA Mining Exhibition 2022

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What an extremely informative and thought-provoking WA Mining Exhibition and Conference. There will need to be an enormous transformation and investment within the Mining industry over the coming years to not only meet the World demand for critical raw materials (including copper, nickel and lithium) but… Read More »WA Mining Exhibition 2022

Combat Cyber Attacks

In the wake of yet another alarming large scale cyber attack in Australia, we are faced with questions on how to protect our organisation from these malicious data breaches. The most recent targets being Optus affecting 9.8 million customers and Medibank 3.8 million members. This… Read More »Combat Cyber Attacks

Commitment to Sustainability

Let’s look through the ‘green lens’ to manage our environmental footprint. As global challenges intensify, there is increasing pressure on companies to embrace sustainability. Given this scenario, taking a strategic approach towards sustainability will undoubtedly have positive impacts for the growth of a business. At… Read More »Commitment to Sustainability

IFS in Mining

Complexities involved in the mining processes requires a sophisticated ERP system to streamline production processes and improve mining operations. As the mining industry is a large scale industry with a huge work force and heavy machinery, it is crucial to have a well-designed ERP software… Read More »IFS in Mining

Why Choose 2MG?

At 2MG Solutions we provide consulting services to companies transitioning to a new ERP system. We are an IFS authorised channel partner and committed to selling and implementing their software. Implementing a new ERP system might be time consuming and complicated for a business. Hence,… Read More »Why Choose 2MG?


Architecture of the Server Why install the IFS Business Reporter Execution Server? Typically, in a large, data-driven organization, there is a need to manage a large volume of reports. Spending too much time reporting and being involved in tasks such as report preparation, generation, compilation,… Read More »BRES