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In the wake of yet another alarming large scale cyber attack in Australia, we are faced with questions on how to protect our organisation from these malicious data breaches.

The most recent targets being Optus affecting 9.8 million customers and Medibank 3.8 million members. This disturbing trend of relentless cyber attacks is forcing companies to take rigorous measures to protect from cybercrimes.

Do you have strong cyber mitigation strategies to combat worst case scenario cyber-attacks? Because traditional way of responding to cyber crimes doesn’t work any longer.

Your organization’s data integrity may be compromised due to an outdated ERP system. Older versions of on premise ERP systems are not designed to mitigate these new challenges. Is it time you switched to a new ERP? Having backups and end-point security alone is no longer sufficient.

By embracing technological advances and switching to a modern ERP such as IFS Cloud can provide cyber safety for your organisation. IFS Cloud is a modern ERP system that provides security best practices that proactively protects enterprises. IFS Applications allow organizations to select the level of security that is right for them. Additionally, external specialists regularly perform extensive penetration testing of the IT systems and networks to keep up with the changing landscape in cyber security.

Realise that having a modern ERP alone is not sufficient. One of the biggest oversights that companies make is delaying software updates when notification is sent. Updates are routinely released with security patches that protect the ERP software against cyberattacks. Hence remember to update your software at the earliest convenience.