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Commitment to Sustainability

Let’s look through the ‘green lens’ to manage our environmental footprint.

As global challenges intensify, there is increasing pressure on companies to embrace sustainability. Given this scenario, taking a strategic approach towards sustainability will undoubtedly have positive impacts for the growth of a business.

At 2MG we recognize that ‘sustainability’ is more than just a buzz word. Industries such as mining and manufacturing are dealing with issues of monitoring, managing and reporting on their sustainability goals and commitments. Although joining the sustainability lobby may seem like the next step towards a company’s growth, it is not that straightforward.

Focusing on environmental protection, social development and economic growth can be lofty goals for companies grappling with budgeting constraints. Leaning towards sustainability can incur enormous costs for organisations looking to scale their business.

Here at 2MG we are striving to find ways companies can minimize their operational costs at the same time become more environmentally responsible. We help customers achieve their sustainability goals by partnering with IFS and implementing their software solutions. There is a module in IFS Cloud dedicated to ‘Sustainability Management Reporting’. IFS Cloud is a single platform that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. At one level, this platform helps customers reduce computer processing and storage requirements. At another level, the software provides visibility into supply chain to enable better management of human rights issues and environmental efficiencies. Furthermore, IFS was the Winner of the Business Intelligence Group 2022 Sustainability Award, thereby having a great influence on our industry to drive change on a wider scale.

Data driven analytics of the IFS application will help an organization streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce energy related costs. In addition, scrutinizing the data will assist companies with waste/emission reduction, improved energy use, more efficient material flow as well as accurate reporting. As we can see, implementing IFS with 2MG can help you make better decisions, improve your operations and save the environment while striving toward a higher return on investment.

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