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Architecture of the Server

Why install the IFS Business Reporter Execution Server?

Typically, in a large, data-driven organization, there is a need to manage a large volume of reports. Spending too much time reporting and being involved in tasks such as report preparation, generation, compilation, reading, and presentation can make your already time-poor employees over-stretched. Check out IFS Business Reporter Execution Server (BRES), which can improve your report performance. You would be surprised how much time you can save with this server.

IFS BRES is an application/service running on a Microsoft OS. The main task is to enhance batch processing of reports by uploading the report template the MS Excel book, as well as the result set and then put it all together as 100% ready MS Excel report. This means that when the batch processing is complete, the end user can open the report from the report archive in IFS Applications and get it quickly loaded into MS Excel without having to wait for any processing.

The main benefits you get by using the IFS Business Reporter Execution Server are:

  • Faster execution time resulting in improved performance when opening IFS Business Reporter batch reports ordered via Reporting

 Enable users who do not have IFS Business Reporter installed on their client, to open executed/rendered IFS Business Reporter reports as pure Excel files.

  • Ability to schedule Reports- Project Teams will benefit as the reports will be emailed directly to a distribution group
  • The result of the rendering can also be a PDF report that is then uploaded to the PDF archive in IFS Applications. By producing a PDF report instead of an Excel report provides a secure way of protecting the output from being tampered with.

In short, this tool provides an efficient and secure reporting solution that can be used by many different functions and user categories within an enterprise. Check out the IFS BRES and find out how it can improve your operational efficiency