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When it comes to improving a company’s operations, it is imperative that we embrace modern software technologies. Traditional approaches no longer serve us during these uncertain times of the pandemic, environmental challenges and financial constraints. In order to respond to the changing landscape in business and overcome these obstacles, companies need to incorporate technological advances.

Typically, in traditional models, companies very often used different databases, accounting software and web applications to manage their workflow. When a company is reliant on multiple software solutions, it can slow down your processes and even eventually break your system. In fact, having a multi-vendor solution can add to overall infrastructure costs and operational expenses. As your company is growing, having centralized data can greatly improve the entire business flow. One primary benefit of switching to IFS applications is that it enables one centralized system for all your operations. IFS offers a single platform that includes all its products and is always up to date with new capabilities and also it can be either cloud hosted or on premise. As your business is expanding, IFS helps it become evergreen and stay ahead of any competition. You can also adjust the whole infrastructure to the necessary size for each stage of your growth.

In fact, a single platform means it is clutter free and offers an easily understandable interface with features such as the IFS lobbies that your Executive team can readily access to make decisions crucial for your business.

As your company is growing, it is outgrowing those traditional systems that are no longer capable of handling complex processes. IFS Cloud provides sophisticated workflow that is designed to meet the demands of any industry.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a common interface to handle various processes such as accounting, warehouse management, human capital management, databases, documents, reports and spreadsheets?

The IFS Cloud platform is powerful, flexible, and open. It puts user experience first, delivers 100% open APIs, is built for high performance and has innovations embedded such as artificial intelligence, ML and loT throughout.

IFS Cloud can:

  • Reduce your company’s daily operational expenditure
  • Provide clear analytics
  • Improve productivity
  • Simplify compliance
  • Improve planning and resource management

If scalability and reliability is something you value in terms of your company’s growth, then IFS Cloud is something you need to consider. Business environment is always dynamic and as such we need to streamline tasks to avoid operational pain. This is where 2MG Solutions can help you. If you want to be able to better use your time you would otherwise spend on process coordination, allow 2MG Solutions to implement IFS for you and have the peace of mind knowing your entire business flow is taken care of.