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Low-code ERP Application builder

2MG partnership with Novacura

2MG has partnered with Novacura and can help your organization with business process management, workflow management and ERP implementation. We can help you design and implement Novacura Flow to simplify the complexities in your ERP.

Complete package for IFS

Novacura Flow is an ERP application builder that helps modify and widely expand the IFS application. 

Most importantly, IFS upgrades can be made easy with Novacura Flow, as it can help effectively recreate modifications, fill in missing functionalities in the new ERP version, and efficiently integrate the new version with other systems while preserving the ERP core without the modifications, which helps with future upgrades.

Novacura Flow

Novacura Flow is a low-code, cost-effective and versatile platform, where applications can be created via a specific application designer (Novacura Flow Studio). 

Applications created in Novacura Flow can be run on any device type: mobile phones, tablets, and desktops (as a web-based application). It can even be used on barcode scanners.

Having all your workflows in a single platform can vastly simplify all the complexities in your business.

Book a free consultation

Reach out to us and we can organize a free demo with one of our consultants to show you how Novacura Flow can simplify the complexities in your projects and enhance your IFS application.

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