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What an extremely informative and thought-provoking WA Mining Exhibition and Conference. 
There will need to be an enormous transformation and investment within the Mining industry over the coming years to not only meet the World demand for critical raw materials (including copper, nickel and lithium) but to meet the zero-carbon footprint.  Economic, Social and Governance related topics were the forefront of all the presentations.
This transformation will not only include digital transformation and advancements in data science but will also include renewable energy and electrication via solar and wind power. 
Mining sector resources is also a big issue and businesses need to look at smarter ways to not only attract but retain employees.
Businesses, investors and the State will need to work in collaboration to ensure the momentum of this transformation and to realise the long-term value to all parties involved.
It will certainly be a very interesting time ahead for the Mining Industry.

Article by Diane Jackson

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